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The Yacht Club

its full steam baby, in the wrong direction

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welcome! ladies and gents to my private yacht. My name is Jane and i'll be your captain. Here on this luxury yacht(appropriatly named BROHYM) you'll find a vast aray of wonders, endless martini's, black clove and cigar girls, cuban immigrants, a pipe for smoking only the finest crack and of course live musical guest snoop dogg feat. a special performance by the one and only...bill fucking cosby.

membership information for the prestiged "BROHYM" YACHT CLUB:
>state your tag name
>list five bands and i'll judge whether you're sceney, spoiled or anorexic enoough to join...tuhurrrhhuh
>post a pic, it can be of you, or...perhaps a small child from lil haiti.
>just post a quick inside joke line, c-mon we all have at least ONE.
>bring a flock of snow to the dock at 4:30 am ask for sue johansen

rules and regulations for "BROHYM" YACHT CLUB:
>if you don't know what the yacht club is...go home to your happy ignorant little scene.
>if you still don't know what the yacht club is but think it sounds cool, more power to you.
>if you conflict with other guests on the yacht, please keep insults brief and to the point.
>don't post long negative entries unless they are directed at someone other than yourself.
>do not feel free to join and NEVER update, please update, even if to remind us you just dropped a big load in the loo.
>please please please post all events that can make the yacht club more fun, i.e. party at ____ house, parents aren't home.
>don't be a faggot, remember: thats MY job.